MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


Victory Radiologists offers a range of MRI services. We pride ourselves on offering our patients access to trained and qualified staff using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Ultrasounds require a referral from your doctor. This procedure may also require pre-authorization from your medical aid and a co-payment may also apply. We request that you obtain copies, or sign a release for us to obtain copies, of any previous related imaging studies and reports not performed by Victory Radiologists for us to use for comparison.

Kiaat Private Hospital has just added the Optima* MR450w 1.5T with GEM suite coil technology to our imaging services. This advanced system from GE Healthcare is designed to help maximize comfort for the patients undergoing MR exams.

Features includes:

  • A 70cm wide bore to add patient space for comfort
  • A table surface with different cushion densities designed to alleviate pressure points
  • A coil array that offers feet-first imaging for ll exam types


This system also delivers uncompromising imaging capability for the most advanced and demanding exams. The soft, flexible GEM Suite coils follow body contours while facilitating high resolution, signal-tonoise (SNR) imaging from the top of the head down to the feet. Plus, advanced functionality gives you the tools to help you to make definitive diagnose.

What is

MRI is a safe and painless diagnostic test that uses a strong magnet and radiofrequency waves to create detailed pictures of structures inside the body.  MRI does not use ionizing radiation (X-Ray). The pictures show soft tissue, muscles, nerves, discs, ligaments, etc.  MRI aids in early diagnosis of various illnesses and in planning treatment of injury and illness.  

How it

  • Due to the strong magnetic field involved in an MRI scan, a technologist will review your clinical history prior to examination. MRI is not safe for patients with cardiac pacemakers, neurospinal stimulators and/or implanted defibrillators and an alternative procedure should be recommended.
  • All metallic objects must be removed prior to the exam, including jewellery and/or piercings. All patients are required to change into scrubs or a gown. Please notify us immediately if there is any chance that you may be pregnant or if you are claustrophobic.
  • If your exam requires IV contrast please inform us if you are breast feeding (as it is optional to discontinue for 24 hours after the procedure), if you have any medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease and/or kidney issues, if you have any known allergies including a previous reaction to X-Ray contrast or if you are diabetic, and take metformin/Glucophage.
  • If your exam requires contrast media, the first step of the procedure will be the placement of an intravenous access (IV) device for the use of a contrast material called Gadolinium that is administered during the procedure. Once the IV is in place, you will be escorted to the MRI area where you will be positioned on the MRI table using pillows, sponges, and cushions making sure that you are as secure and comfortable as possible.
  • Throughout your MRI, you will need to lie completely still so that the images being captured are not blurry. The noise of the procedure can be startling but it is best if you try to remain relaxed and still.  The technologist will talk to you between segments and you will be provided with an emergency button to hold onto in case you need to contact the technologist at any time during the procedure.
  • Images may be taken and these, together with the radiologists report will be placed into an envelope for you to take with you back to your referring doctor. The technologist will ensure the images taken are complete and accurate, before you leave the clinic; however please note, they do not interpret the images. Procedure results will be communicated directly to your doctor.
  • Through our software system, your doctor has immediate access to your images and the radiologists report as soon as they are completed. They will consult with you and explain the results at a follow-up appointment.