Women’s Radiology


Victory Radiologists provides a range of specialized imaging and interventional radiology procedures focused on women’s health. This includes mammography, breast ultrasound and biopsy, and stereotactic biopsy – among others.

The doctors at Victory Radiologists focus on holistic patient care and strive to offer the most cutting edge technology, techniques and procedures for women’s care. We currently offer all patients digital mammography, which is the latest technology in the fight against breast cancer. We fully understand the concerns that go hand in hand with scans and imaging required for women and therefore we do all that we can to alleviate patient anxieties and communicate information about their well-being as swiftly as possible.

Additionally, we encourage patients to advocate for themselves when it comes to the taking of images as soon as possible should a growth of any kind be detected and in terms of the interventional radiology options as a non-invasive alternative to open uterine surgery.

For screening and to learn more about interventional radiology contact our team.

Radiology Services


A mammogram is a Breast X-Ray. It uses lose dose X-Ray in combination with high-contrast, high-resolution films to provide a detailed examination of the breasts. Regular mammograms are important for the early detection of breast cancer as it can detect tumours that are too small to be felt. Some women find the examination uncomfortable. Every effort will be made by the Mammographer to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the examination.

Breast Ultrasound:

A Breast Ultrasound is a common procedure which uses sound waves to detect, diagnose, and monitor a variety of breast conditions. During an Ultrasound a radiologist uses a small probe with some gel to create an image of the breast. Breast Ultrasounds can be done in conjunction with a Mammogram in the case of dense breast tissue, to further assess a lump, or for an abnormality detected on the Mammograph.

Breast Biopsy:

Breast biopsy procedures are mildly invasive and most often, these studies involve prior imaging studies related to your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. This can involve doing a Breast Ultrasound Core Biopsy or a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy. A member of our team will review your clinical history and discuss the procedure with you prior to the examination. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your exam, please ask your technologist.

Bone Mineral Density Scan (BMD):

A Bone Mineral Density (BMD) scan is a means of measuring bone mineral density.  The patient lies on the BMD machine while it scans their bone mineral density at specific points in the body – most often the spine and hips. The results aid the identification of bone loss by comparing your bone density with the optimal density for your age.  This type of scan is painless and is extremely accurate.

Women’s Interventional
Radiology Services

Uterine Fibroid Embolization:

Intervention Radiology is a non-invasive course of treatment to treat this condition. It may not be necessary to undergo an open surgery procedure to treat this. Speak to your healthcare practitioner about your options for non-invasive intervention radiology.