• All patients must be referred to us by their doctor.
  • Please note that medical aids will not cover scans that have not been formally referred to us by your doctor or healthcare practitioner.
  • Victory Radiologists does encourage patients to advocate for themselves regarding undergoing non-invasive intervention radiology procedures. You are welcome to browse our website or contact our team to learn about the benefits of intervention radiology as a course of treatment for certain conditions.

Payments &
Medical Aid Info

  • Victory Radiologists accepts both cash and medical aid payments.
  • Payment facilities such as card machines are available on the premises.
  • Patients are required to bring their referral letter, identification (RSA ID, passport or Driver’s License) as well as their medical aid card.
  • For cash payments: Payment is required upfront.
  • For medical aid payments: Verification of Membership and Patient Benefits is required upfront for all procedures. Pre-authorization is required upfront for MRI, CT and Interventional Procedures. In some instances, the time required to confirm medical aid authorization may delay the procedure. In case of pre-booked procedures, authorization is confirmed before the patient arrives.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Do I need to make an appointment for my scan?

Depending on your condition, your doctor will advise whether your radiology procedure is needed immediately or whether an appointment can be made.

What preparation is required for my scan?

Preparation can vary depending on the type of scan and the body part being scanned.
For CT and MRI that require IV Contrast, you will need to keep well hydrated and nothing to eat 2 hours prior to the scan. Ultrasounds of the abdomen and pelvis usually require you to fast or have a full bladder. Some injections require you to stop taking blood thinning medications. You will be informed of what preparation needs to be done when you make your appointment or prior to your procedure.

How long will the scan take?

This will depend on the type of scan. An X-ray usually takes around 5-10 minutes. Ultrasound, Mammography and CT usually take 15-20 minutes. MRI is variable between 20-60 minutes.

Will the scan be painful?

Diagnostic scans are generally painless. CT or MRI that require IV Contrast will require a small needle, similar to a blood test. You may experience some pain and discomfort during an Injection or Biopsy, however we use local anaesthetic for most of these. Some patients find Mammograms uncomfortable or mildly painful but our radiographers will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable.

Should I be worried about radiation from my scan?

Despite what you may hear, the radiation levels used in diagnostic scans are very low and are considered safe to have occasionally. CT scans use slightly higher radiation levels than x-ray and mammography, but they are still well within safe limits. Radiation can be harmful to unborn babies so please tell a staff member if you are (or think you may be) pregnant before having your scan.

How long will my scan results take?

This will differ across procedures. Through our software system, your doctor has immediate access to your images and the radiologists report as soon as they are completed.